Fact Sheet about Water and Energy

The Union of Concerned Scientists has created a factsheet titled The Energy-Water Collision: 10 Things You Should Know (pdf) that highlights the connections between water and energy usage.

“Energy and water are woven into our daily lives and strongly linked to one another. Producing energy uses water, and providing freshwater uses energy. Both these processes face growing limits and problems. In most power plants, water cools the steam that spins the electricity-generating turbines. Refining transportation fuels requires water, as does producing fuels—for example, mining coal, extracting petroleum, or growing crops for biofuels. Using water in our homes and businesses requires getting it there, treating it, heating it, and more. Because of these links between energy and water, problems for one can create problems for the other. In places where using energy requires a large share of available water, or where water resources are scarce or stressed by competing pressures (such as the needs of farmers or of local ecosystems or, increasingly in many parts of the United States, by climate change), the energy-water connection can turn into a collision—with dangerous implications for both.”

Visit the UCS website to read more as well as to see other, related information about:


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