NC DENR Revises Scope of N.C. Shale Gas Study Based on Public Comment

Today, officials from the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR) released changes made to the outline for a study of the potential environmental and economic impacts of shale gas exploration and development in North Carolina based on public comments received in the fall of 2011.

Changes made included:
•    Adding a section specifically dealing with recommendations to the study, to address comments received that the study should add a consideration of whether or not hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, should be permitted under state law. This section will also include recommendations for baseline data collection and any further research necessary;
•    Adding subsections on potential public health impacts in various sections of the study;
•    Adding a section on the potential impacts to the existing local economy (for instance, agriculture and tourism) based on public comments;
•    Expanding the section on stormwater management to include potential impacts of oil and gas production to surface waters;
•    Expanding the air quality section to examine flaring and greenhouse gas emissions; and
•    Adding a section on potential impacts to North Carolina energy consumers.

The NCDENR shale gas webpage provides an overview of shale gas; describes current regulations associated with shale gas exploration; explains how the department will study the issue (and provide study results when complete); and guides the public in how to receive updates on the study, as well as how to provide comment on the issue.


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