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Inside Energy iPad app by Shell

This free iPad app from Shell “explores the role innovation plays in producing energy to power and sustain our lives.”  Stories with interactive features are organized into four sections: Innovative Thinking, Meeting Demand, Energy Efficiency and People and Planet.  A two minute video about this app can be viewed here.

While this app can be useful to teachers and students, teachers will want to be sure to remind students to be mindful of who is presenting this information and teach them how to identify potential bias when reviewing scientific information. It would be valuable to have students investigate a particular story presented in the app from different perspectives by gathering related news articles, press releases, etc.

I would love to hear from those of you who have used this app with students – what stories have you found useful in your teaching? How do you prepare your students to critically evaluate what they read and look for evidence of bias?



iWindTurbine is available from iTunes for $0.99 and enables users to build their own horizontal axis wind turbine and learn about the variables that influence power output. Students can manipulate any/all of the following variables for their turbine: rotor diameter, air density, wind speed, aerodynamic efficiency (power coefficient) and electro-mechanical efficiency and then iWindTurbine calculates the power output.  In addition, by entering average annual electricity consumption of a house, students will find out how many houses can be powered with  their design!

Don’t have the app?  I also came across this online Wind Turbine Power Estimator which was created by the developer of iWindTurbine.

If you use either of these tools in your wind energy instruction, I’d love to hear from you.

eBook – Our choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis

Our choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis is one eBook that comes highly recommended by a few teachers I know and it was also picked as a Best App or website  for Teaching & Learning 2013 by the American Association of School Librarians. This interactive eBook includes photography, interactive graphics, animations, and more than an hour of documentary footage. In 2011 it won the Apple Design Award for its “groundbreaking interface.” This eBook includes 18 chapters, including chapters on solar and wind energy, geothermal, biofuels, the smart grid, carbon capture and sequestration and nuclear energy! You can purchase this app from iTunes for $4.99.

If you use this resource with your students, I’d love to hear from you!

The WATT? An Energy 101 Primer

Focus the Nation is the country’s leading clean energy youth empowerment organization and earlier this year announced the arrival of an interactive ebook titled The WATT? An Energy 101 Primer. Focus the Nation originally developed this resource to increase the energy literacy of college students on more than 30 campuses so this resource should resonate with your students.  According to the website, this resource “provides a comprehensive overview of energy in the U.S. Consider it your starting point to becoming a more active, energy-literate citizen able to take on BIG challenges.”

Available on multiple platforms (ipad/iphone, ibook, kindle) for $4.99, it provides a comprehensive overview of energy in the United States.

Please share how you have used this resource with your students!

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